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Are You Suffering From PMDD

Menstrual cycles are considered as one of the worst phases in a women’s life. Most of women, except those few lucky ones, experience symptoms of PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome during their menses. The common symptoms of this are mood swings, irritability, cramps, bloating and many more painful aspects. Besides, there also exist some women who suffer through certain times of their cycles when their condition becomes a more severe and weakening one. Such a condition is referred to as homeopathic, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, whose symptoms are much more complicated than those of PMS. During PMDD, women experience those bad signs of anxiety and depression. These PMDD symptoms generally occur a week or two before bleeding starts and possibly end in the middle or shortly after the bleeding stops.

PMDD Symptoms

Badly enough to interrupt with woman’s daily activities, these symptoms highly interfere with their personal relationships also. Another bad thing about PMDD is that no natural antidepressant pill or pain killer is able to help the sufferer fight against them.

According to PMDD, PMDD Information, for the suffering women this time is a highly lonely and confusing time because people need to know is atypical depression hereditary around her, despite of being aware about PMS symptoms are unable to understand the depth of suffering from PMDD. The only person who can provide you with the best of PMDD Medication is your gynecologist. By performing a complete examination, he or she is able to rule out other problems also that does not get highlighted by the PMDD symptoms.

PMDD Information

For best PMDD, PMDD Information and PMDD Medication, it is necessary to share as much as you can with your gynecologist. At the same time, since PMDD Symptoms involve depression and anxiety disorder which does not occur rest of the month, therefore it is better not to rule out the idea of a psychiatric evaluation either.

Natural Antidepressants For PMDD

Many times doctors prescribe natural antidepressant pills as PMDD Medication. But the fact is that these pills might help alleviating some of the drastic emotional swings that occurs, but cannot eliminate them entirely. Several researches have been conducted but till now it has not been proven that any type of anti-anxiety or natural antidepressant pill is beneficial for such times. The most common method that most of the doctors use to help the sufferers is via a journal.

Yes, it is always advised to keep a track of your PMDD, PMDD Information which covers your most of the emotional well-being and changes throughout the month. This way after a few months time, a pattern could be noticed and shared with your gynecologist. These changes might include your eating habits, feelings and all those other experiences that happen drastically during those specific days or week’s time.

Presently, lot many research’s having been conducted, but no cure has been established to fight against PMDD Symptoms. But to minimize the same, there are few suggestions on behaviors and lifestyle changes. Consuming good nutrition specially Vitamin B, Regular exercises along with Meditation or Yoga are the best ways that can help women cope with PMDD. In a nutshell, leading a good lifestyle is the best and most effective PMDD Medication.