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Are There Any Dangers In Gotu Kola Medication

Gotu kola which is also called as pennywort is a marsh plant which is sometimes used for respiratory infection treatments along with treatment for leg swelling, wounds and other conditions. It is not related to kola nut and it does not contain any caffeine. However there is too little gotu kola information or research on the herb to know whether it works and there are also some safety questions according to the American Cancer Society. It is recommended that you talk to your physician before taking gotu kola tryptophan benefits.

Gotu Kola Side Effects

There are very few to no gotu kola side effects when taken at recommended dosage, but the risk of problems might increase if you take it in high doses. However some of the gotu kola side effects include indigestion, headache, lightheadedness, nausea and sleepiness. In case you generally consume gotu kola typically to treat your wounds and other skin conditions then it might sometimes cause allergic reaction which can even lead to itching, burning or a rash. It is also used as a natural antidepressant but should be used in the right dosage.

Moreover gotu kola has also been linked to some cases of hepatitis and swelling of liver in the reports and gotu kola information of American Cancer Society. In case you suffer from liver disease or intake medications that affect the liver then it is recommended you don’t consume gotu kola can dl-phenylalanine delay ejaculation without consulting your doctor. Moreover in case you develop any signs and symptoms of liver problems then make sure you get immediate medical assistance.

Gotu Kola Information

Some other gotu kola information and studies on mice have found that a particular chemical component of gotu kola ecstasy might also increase tumor growth. Therefore as a precaution, you should avoid using lotions with gotu kola herbs if you have had skin cancer before or a precancerous skin lesion. The herb might also increase sensitivity to the sun and so it is recommended you use sunscreen when taking the herb. Those people who take high dosage of gotu kola ecstasy have also experienced increase cholesterol and blood sugar levels that can cause serious problems if you have high cholesterol or diabetes. Therefore if you have these conditions then it is necessary you talk to your doctor before taking this herb. According to the studies, gotu kola also seemed to reduce fertility in mice but there is not much human research to know whether it can be risky for people. You also need to avoid this herb when you are pregnant or breast-feeding because its safety is still unproven.

Gotu Kola Natural Antidepressant

Gotu kola which acts like natural antidepressant might also interact with some of the common medications in different ways that can decrease the effectiveness of your medications or also increase the risk of side effects. Therefore you need to talk to your doctor before taking this herb if you are on diabetes medications, cholesterol lowering drugs, sedatives, diuretics or water pills, canger drugs, acetaminophen, zileution, amiodarone, birth control pills and arthritis medications. However when you are not under any medication the herb can be used as a natural antidepressant to control depression and anxiety.