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Are There Any Dangers In Gingko Biloba Medication

Typically found in China, gingko biloba comes for large tree that can even grow up to 50 meters. It is deeply rooted and is considered to be a key ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the US it is one of the best selling seasonal affective disorder herbal remedies. The herbal product is considered to be a natural antidepressant used to help increase blood flow throughout the body. It is used to help treat glaucoma, Grave’s disease and MS.

Dangers of Gingko Biloba

To be frank, the dangers of gingko biloba are minor. According to gingko biloba information, the herbal product is what is major depression considered to be relatively safe; however, people should still be advised of the gingko biloba side effects.

The gingko biloba side effects include: internal bleeding, poisoning from eating seeds, skin blistering, dizziness, headache and diarrhea. Gingko biloba side effects can also include tachycardia, or racing heartbeat.

Gingko Biloba Effects

People should also monitor their levels of serum glucose because the herbal product can interfere with the levels. People with diabetes and low levels of sugar should be especially conscious. Gingko biloba side effects are more likely to occur if you are taking different types of natural antidepressants or drugs. Gingko biloba will also have negative outcomes if taken with aspirin, warfarin, heparin and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. Taking gingko biloba with these drugs will increase your risks of bleeding.

Gingko biloba information has stated that there is no immediate evidence that states gingko biloba is dangerous (or safe) for pregnant women. There are active components that many stimulate labor and increase risk of bleeding-which is dangerous during labor and delivery. The problem with herbal medicines and “all natural antidepressants” is many consider them to be safe. That is not true, herbal products can be toxic.

Gingko Biloba Combinations

The dangers of gingko biloba will most definitely increase if a person decides to mix the herbal product with extasy. Although there is information that states gingko biloba extasy mixture will cause a heightened high or bad comedown it is still suggested by gingko biloba information to avoid the combination. It is hypothesize that a gingko biloba extasy combination could have a slight link to death from hyperthermia. The herbal product works as an anticoagulant drug; however, there are speculations that extasy can lead to hyperthermia causing the blood to clot over a widespread area of the circulatory system.

It is just a theory that extasy can lead to this but, it would be advised not to take a gingko biloba extasy mixture because it can cause severe internal bleeding. A gingko biloba extasy mixture or gingko biloba MDMA mixture should be avoided since little is known about the side effects it may cause. Gingko biloba interferes with other drugs, so a gingko biloba MDMA combination is expected to have dangerous effects. There is a drastic need for research to discover the exact side effects a gingko biloba MDMA combination can have on a person.