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Are Natural Antidepressants More Common That Prescription

Antidepressants are taken to cure depression or mood related disorders. There are different types of anti depressants, synthetic drugs and natural antidepressant. Drugs which act as natural anti depressant are many, namely citalopram, fluoxetine, sertraline and so on. Natural antidepressant includes citrus fruits, wheat, cheese, salmon, chicken, turkey, dark chocolates, walnuts and other products and find out if is there a connection between ADD and mood disorder.  Natural antidepressant do not cause any side effects or adverse effects on the body. They are also very cheap as compared to the synthetic drugs.

Natural Antidepressant And Water

Water is an important anti depressant that nature has offered us. Water helps in detoxification. It removes toxins and clears the excess chemicals. In this way it regulates chemical balance of the body and the brain and act as a natural mood booster. Wheat is rich in carbohydrate and helps in production of serotonin. Serotonin social anxiety is required for distressing and acts as a natural mood booster. Cheddar and Swiss cheese is rich in trytophan. Tryptophan is used to synthesis serotonin. Chicken and turkey are also rich in tryptophan. In this way chicken, turkey and cheese act as a natural mood booster.

Alternative Depression Treatment

Other than the medications there are lots of alternative antidepressant therapies that are being used by people throughout the world. These include: acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, light therapy, exercise, yoga, medication and many others. These alternative antidepressant work wonders as they can be done without fear of the medications interfering with the other drugs in the body.  There is a lot of information given on numerous websites about the types of foods and exercises that are being done to reduce depression. It is better to go for the alternative antidepressant as the side effects are not so many.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits increase the red blood cells count and also help in stimulating dopamine synthesis. This makes the person feel happier. Walnuts have fatty acids and uridine which acts as natural mood booster. Chocolate has cocoa in it. Cocoa is natural mood booster as it helps in synthesis of endomorphins.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is been in use for quite some time now. Lack of light exposure triggers the body to secrete melatonin which causes dull and low mood. It is seen in places where there is less light people experience boredom. Exercise enhances body temperature which helps in regulation of the body chemicals. This helps in getting rid of depression. Yoga and meditation also enhances the body chemical balance and releases endomorphins. Endomorphins causes mood elevation.

Natural depression treatment is more beneficial than the synthetic drugs. It aims at maintaining the regulation of the body chemicals. People generally think before going on any drugs as they are afraid of the side effects and the long term adverse effects that may be associated with the prolonged use of drugs. Natural antidepressants are more common and used even without prescription. Availability of the drugs is also a factor. These natural foods and therapies like yoga and meditation can be done by people even at home. They do not have to take appointment of physicians. Natural depression treatment can work wonders.

Depression is a very serious disorder as it affects brain chemical balance. It should be treated in right way and in the right time. Natural depression treatment can be an excellent tool to get away with this problem.