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Are Mood Swings And Tiredness Normal For A Man In His 20s

It is correct but not necessarily for all the people in their twenties. The mood swing information that came from the researchers and psychologists brings to light that mood swings happens to occur in teenagers as well as in their twenties. When we talk about the twenties, it means that we are considering the period from 20 to 29 years of age. Twenties is the period of growth; our body works actively; hormones and other chemical substances are produced at an increased rate. Fluctuation in these chemical substances and hormones may lead to the condition of mood swings and how is depression treated. Thus, we can say that some individuals experience mood swing symptoms as a normal phenomenon.

Reasons for Mood Swings In Young Men

In the twenties, individuals seem to be more energetic and strong in their determinations. They strive for their identity and struggle to earn name in the society and an herbal remedy might help. Hence, as per mood swing information, in such circumstances when sometime they have to face failure or bad feedback, they feel more depressed than anyone else and may be attacked by anxiety or mood swings. On the other hand, unlike the teenage, twenties is the period to feel like a responsible person. In this regard, one may feel like alone and depressed. However, this phenomenon does not happen with all the people in their twenties. Individuals with low social and financial background are more prone to mood swing conditions and may experience severe mood swing symptoms.

Mood Swing Symptoms

Another of the reasons why the individuals experience mood swings and anxiety in their twenties is the sense of partition with their loved ones, like friends and relatives. Here, they have to start their professional life in which they feel like a responsible and obliged persons in the true sense. They do not find much time to have chat or recreation with their friends and loved ones. These circumstances create the background for mood swing symptoms and bad moods at times. All these circumstances can be managed if the individuals act upon the following instructions;

•    Make sure that you are not alone in this world. Assure yourself that you are surrounded with a lot of your loved ones and everyone is there to help you out. Always try to be happy and do not allow yourself to be let down due to any reason.
•    If, at any time, you feel like being in anger or depression, just close your eyes and hold your breath for a while and then take a deep breath. This will vaporize your anger and make you feel relaxed.
•    Share your success and failures with your parents and friends. They are always there to help you on your failure and encourage you on your success. They share their experiences with you to lead you on the right path.
•    The interesting thing about the mood swing information is that when a person takes exercise, his/her body produces more beta-endorphin. Beta-endorphin is a hormone which improves mood by controlling stress situations.
•    Get adequate sleep to relax your mind. Taking rest is very important even though you do not find much time.