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Are B12 Vitamins Safe

B12 vitamin belongs to the water soluble vitamins that are required in performing many important functions in the body. The use of B12 vitamin is highly safe without any prominent side effects, other than a few exceptions. They are very much essentially required by the body in overcoming many problems, as they are helpfully in the proper functioning of the nervous system, immune system, what is st johns wort, brain, in the carbohydrate and fats metabolism and in the production of red blood cells.

B12 Vitamin Intake

An adequate amount of B12 vitamin is necessary in carrying out the body functions normally. They are water soluble; that is why body absorbs them easily. A small amount of it is required by the human body to maintain a balance and enjoy a healthy life.

In the immune system B12 vitamins fight back the germs (micro-organisms) and thus strengthen the immune system against the foreign antigens and signs of depression. In this regard, they are not only safe but also help the body in strengthening up the defense against the foreign invaders.

B12 vitamins help in the recovery of damaged nerves and also produce the genetic material required by them. Therefore, they help in reviving many neurological diseases as multiple sclerosis and also in memory loss disorders as Alzheimer’s disease. The dose is critical and should only be used as prescribed by the doctor.

B12 Vitamin Uses

B12 vitamins are widely associated with ecstasy and MDMA; that’s why they may be considered as harmful, whereas they are used with the MDMA drugs in order to minimize their harmful effects. MDMA, if taken in high amount, can cause nervous disorders, as it may results in the damage to the nerves that can leads to memory loss. These disadvantages can be overcome by its combination with B12 vitamin.  Consequently, B12 vitamin is helpful in achieving the state of ecstasy in combination with MDMA. They are also helpful to attain normal drug test, despite of one using MDMA, which is often used by many sportsman in misleading many reputable organizations.

B12 vitamin is safe to be used but the dose should be monitored properly as recommended by the doctor. High dose can cause rashes on the skin in the form of acne. Gastrointestinal disorders are highly uncommon except for some exceptions, which may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain. In some of the rare cases, it may result in the early onset of the Leber’s disease if genetically running in the family. Some patients are also sensitive to cobalt and may show allergic reactions. These are some of the case in which the use of B12 vitamin may not be safe and should be immediately prohibited to avoid any further complications.

B12 vitamin is naturally present in the sea food, mutton, beef, eggs and cheese, so it being naturally present in the food can never prove to be harmful. It helps as an energy booster and is required in the body functions that are necessary for our very existence; so, if taken in larger amounts, it will be stored by the body for future use. Hence, the use of B12 vitamin is safe and healthy.