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Any Dangers In Licorice Medication

Depression is a problem that a lot of us have to deal with. Some cases of depression are very severe and need to be treated with the help of chemical or natural antidepressant medication, and sometimes with even more complicated mood swing. However most often than not mild to moderate depression can be treated easily.

Food rich in natural antidepressant properties as well as exercise and social network options along with psychotherapy go a long way in treating depression successfully. However, the easiest way for most people to treat their depression is by eating foods that make them feel good.

Recently discovered licorice information suggests that Licorice contains carbenoxolone which stops enzymes that release stress hormones in the brain. So, there is proof that licorice can actually be used to treat stress, depression and anxiety.

Dangers in Licorice medication

According to the licorice information available today, licorice can successfully help curb moderate to mild cases of depression. However, there are many dangers with using licorice medication with overdose being what to do bad moods and depression have in common the biggest problem associated with licorice medication. The safe limit for licorice consumption per day is only 100 grams, anything over that can cause mild to severe licorice side effects.

Various side effects of consuming licorice

Mild licorice side effects include muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, weight gain and lowered testosterone levels in men. Severe licorice adverse effects include liver and heart problems and high blood pressure.

Can pregnant women consume licorice as a natural antidepressant

Pregnant women should avoid overconsumption of licorice as it has found to decrease the intelligence levels in the children they are carrying. Behavioral disorders are also one of licorice side effects in babies born of mothers who consume licorice.

Dangers of consuming licorice MDMA and licorice Ecstasy

The third problem with licorice medication is that people often consume a product that contains licorice, rather than a product which contains licorice as the main ingredient. For instance a lot of people consume licorice ecstasy believing that it contains licorice. While this is debatable, it is best that you avoid going for substances that may not be the right product.

Additionally, licorice ecstasy which is commonly called as licorice MDMA can actually end up give you more problems. As most of us know ecstasy is a recreational drug which can even cause death when overdosed.

Is licorice safe to use

Yes licorice is natural antidepressant and it is actually pretty safe to use and licorice side effects are usually not severe. However, it is important that one does not consume more than the dosage recommended on a daily basis.As long as you know a bit about licorice information including the fact that drugs like licorice MDMA should not be used as a substitute for licorice, you will find that licorice is actually safe to use.Finally, always check with your doctor first as he will be able to give you options as to what you can try out and what you should stay away from.