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Anxiety Caused By Molly

As molly drug facts suggest, the experience of molly follows a series of steps. The rewarding effects of molly include euphoria and stimulation. This is the peak phase under which a person may engage in risky behavior as he feels overconfident, safe, and in control. According to the molly drug information, when this peak phase is over there is a comedown stage. Anxiety is one of the effects of molly drug comedown.

Anxiety From Molly Effects

The anxiety resulted in this way is hard to get rid of for most people. But there is a reason for that. The anxiety is a part of the molly drug comedown along with other symptoms such as depression and insomnia; these are the accepted molly drug facts. Molly is a natural antidepressant and induced euphoria as aforementioned and a strong urge to take the drug. So the easiest shortcut to deal with the comedown and the amalgamated feelings of anxiety and depression is to get back to the natural antidepressant. And instead of dealing with the anxiety effectively, people follow the urge to go back to the drug. Again it helps with the anxiety and depression momentarily, while worsening the psychological and physical well-being.

Molly Comedown

The effects accompanying the molly drug comedown diminish with time as the comedown phase is over. Generally, the comedown lasts for three to five days. With this the depression and anxiety are gone. But prolonged addiction to molly may predispose one to develop an anxiety disorder which is a problem but it can be efficiently death with. There might be a perception that anxiety that results from molly abuse is irreversible. The primary reason for this fallacy is that teenagers delay effective ways of dealing with the anxiety hence worsening the condition. When you experience anxiety you should turn to health enhancing behaviors to deal with it. Try relaxation exercise, go for a walk, drink a lot of water etc. If you feel it is not working, talk to someone who can help. A psychologist can immensely help you deal with the anxiety and depression and the treatment will prevent the maturation of your anxiety or depression into a psychological disorder be it anxiety or depression.

It is very fortunate if you see someone timely. If you feel this is not the case, remember that it is never too late. You should still talk to a mental health professional.

Psychotherapy will hopefully help. Besides, the anxiety caused as a withdrawal symptom or molly drug comedown effect is easily treatable. These effects leave you when you leave the drug. And that is something you can do. Seek help if you find it hard to abstain from molly on your own, because once you have decided to quit, half the job has been done.
So, the simple answer is that yes, the anxiety caused by molly addiction and abuse does go away. All you have to do is to take a step for your own heath and well being if it seems to outstay its welcome.