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Anxiety After Taking MDMA

Anxiety is one of the side effects of prolonged use of ecstasy, the drug officially known as MDMA. Ecstasy belongs to a class of drugs that modify brain chemistry to a large extent, which is why anxiety can appear as side effect. MDMA has the ability to deplete the natural antidepressant reserves, which leads to depression and anxiety. If you repeat your drug experiences, anxiety symptoms will become a fixture, and sooner than you know, you will be suffering from an anxiety disorder. More anxiety information can be found on medical related sites that also warn about the effects of drug consumption.

Is this anxiety just temporary

Anxiety information related to drug abuse shows that the episodes of depression and anxiety felt right after consuming drugs like MDMA are temporary. When someone gets high on ecstasy, their brain will release all the natural antidepressant it has, and it will take at least a couple of days for it to start producing a new reserve. While the brain goes through this recovery process, depression and anxiety will be felt in full force. Anxiety symptoms can be quite dreadful, and the person going through the ecstasy hangover will often have a hard time during these episodes. Anxiety medication is not a good solution for temporary episodes, but it might be needed if your anxiety becomes a long lasting condition. As long as someone only takes ecstasy once or twice, they will not often experience anxiety episodes. However, if they consume drugs on a constant basis, anxiety can become a fixture as well.

Why is anxiety among the side effects of ecstasy

The way the brain chemistry is modified during drug use has a say in how anxiety occurs later. When on ecstasy, the brain releases a huge amount of natural antidepressant. This means that the brain uses up the entire serotonin reserve it has, and, when there is none left, anxiety occurs. The prolonged use of drug will lead to feeling anxiety symptoms very often, and this can also lead to a chronic anxiety disorder. As the cells producing serotonin in the brain can be destroyed by prolonged consumption of street drugs, the brain will be even more affected in its capacity of producing natural antidepressant. Anxiety information proves that serotonin is important for recovering from drug abuse, but, if the body is left without its specialized cells, recovering from ecstasy hangovers will be harder and harder. Even anxiety medication cannot help much, if you do not decide to give up on drugs.

How brain chemistry is modified

At any given time, the human brain has a certain quantity of serotonin it can use for different functions. The brain receptors also regulate the way the surplus of serotonin is reabsorbed into the brain. However, when the natural antidepressant is consumed through drug abuse, the natural process of re-absorption is messed up. Constant use of drugs modifies the brain chemistry up to the point that brain cells will have a harder and harder time to secrete serotonin again. Anxiety symptoms will be felt almost all the time, which means that a severe condition is actually developing. Only anxiety medication can alleviate the terrible symptoms, and psychotherapy is recommended as treatment.